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TrueHeart Press (Oxford) Ltd.,

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Since 2012 

The ‘flying figure’


Green Sense cover image

TrueHeart Academic Press

The moniker represents a figure whose heart-shaped wings are preparing for flight. 

Desire and Technology in Science Fiction and Beyond



Beautiful interdisciplinary books on contemporary environmental issues.

Praise for Green Sense​:

"The wild flowers of Western Australia have been visited, studied, written, painted and celebrated over decades, but never like this. They are, in all the diversity of species, habitat and history John Ryan lays out, also the world of his deeply thoughtful, thoroughly documented and trenchantly argued advocacy of bodily, multisensory engagement with plants, and engagement with language itself as a living entity."

 Barbara Holloway, Australian National University 

TrueHeart Academic Press was founded in Oxford, in 2012, and aims to publish beautiful scholarly and scientific books, in both print and electronic formats, on people and environment.

The Press works with the idea that scholarly books can -and should- be beautiful as well as efficient. The books from TrueHeart have a distinct aesthetic, with red spines and bold, visually interesting designs.